Equal Health Care For AllĀ (http://www.equalhealthcare.org) is a website-blog, structured & designed by NitMedia Web Studio Inc. (http://www.authorsalley.com/) and funded & authored by R. Garth Kirkwood, MD.

Dr. Kirkwood, who is board certified in Internal Medicine & Nephrology, practiced medicine for many years, which practice included critical care medicine and the ongoing management of patients with multiple, complicated illnesses. Now retired from active practice due to medical illness, he writes about healthcare reform for America. He notes that his thinking is influenced by his status as both doctor and patient.

His agenda is simple: To describe a healthcare system, which provides clear and equal access to vital, comprehensive health care for everyone living in the USA, while simultaneously controlling (hopefully decreasing) the individual dollar expenditure for same.

He believes it is possible to create a New System, which the average layman can easily understand and then comment, “Yes, Finally, someone has done it.”

Because the dollar bill is not the primary goal of this new system or of individual careers within it, he expects vehement opposition from healthcare business people. The primary goal is clear & equal access to sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationships for everyone in America.

Regarding politicians, he expects that they will ignore his ideas: First, because not being greed-driven, they cannot fulfill the desires of the corporations, which financed their campaigns. Second, not being ideology-driven, his concepts do not conform to the ridiculous healthcare rhetoric or self-serving agendas of either major political party. It should be noted that a sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationship is not an ideology. Rather, it is the essence of medicine, and without striving to make this the primary achievement of our healthcare system, we are left with what we currently have, A Big Dollar Pie.

The purpose of Equal Health Care For AllĀ is to provide a forum for Americans in every walk of life to read, study, and think about commonsense healthcare reform and then decide what kind of healthcare system they want. Subsequent to this, Dr. Kirkwood hopes that they will constantly harangue their elected officials and then, every two years, use the power of the ballot box to shake complacent, self-serving politicians into necessary action for creating a healthcare system, which actually serves the individuals living in America.

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