Mr. Trump’s Health Care Plan

I do not know what Donald Trump’s future plans for our health care system are or will be. I do know that whatever his administration develops and enacts, whether it is multiple payer, single payer, some mixture of insurance companies and government payers like Medicare, it must create and ensure an environment in which the doctorlogo patient relationship can occur for each patient in the USA and function in a sound, ongoing, non-conflicted, spontaneous manner.

The dollar obstruction facing  patients over going to the doctor or emergency room, purchasing medicines, deductibles, co-pays, approved procedures and the like MUST COME TO AN END!!!

Interference with doctor functioning by hospital administrators, hospitalists, insurance companies, federal regulations and requirements MUST CEASE AND DESIST!!!

Until the doctorlogo patient relationship has the leeway to function in a sound, ongoing, non-conflicted, and spontaneously functioning manner, there can be no health care reform. The proposals from any candidate will only be status quo maintaining rhetoric without this. What does this mean? It means that the doctor and the patient within an equilibrium of trust called the doctorlogo patient relationship arrive at and proceed with decisions about the case at hand with NO INTERFERENCE from the payer or from hospital administrators.

One final thought: Of all the candidates for president, Mr. Trump is far and away the best not only because of his leadership, courage, experience, and common sense but also because he is one of us, we the people. He cares about our individual welfare as well as the welfare of America. He is the only candidate who has the wherewithal to actually accept and understand what I’ve said above and make it happen in the chaotic financial milieu of America’s health care system.


R. Garth Kirkwood

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