Trump: I’ll replace ObamaCare with ‘something terrific’

The Hill has reported Mr. Trump’s health care comments from his 7/29/15 CNN interview. His comments are worth discussing:

It’s gotta go, Trump said of ObamaCare. Repeal and replace with something terrific. The country’s healthcare system should rely on private health plans that are largely unregulated by the government.

Was he referring to federal government or state government or both? Was he talking about health care insurance being sold across state lines? What a quagmire of confusion that is!

No matter what idea exists to make health insurance plans competitive, the American public loses. This is because the competition is over dollars not over health care. Health insurance companies survive in a competitive market by increasing their dollar garnering activities of increasing premiums, deductibles, co-pays, requirements for co-insurance etc. and by decreasing what they will cover (pay for). If you are financially well off, this will not be a problem and our health care system will be great for you. How many people do you know that can really just take health insurance greed in stride? I’m not sure where Mr. Trump is going with this private health plan business.

Regarding poorer Americans who can’t afford insurance, At the lower end, where people have no money, I want to try and help those people, he said, adding that he would work out some sort of a really smart deal with hospitals across the country to cover the costs of care.

Mr. Trump continues separation of the indigent population. The concept of poor, indigent (the lower end) should be removed from our health care lexicon because anyone living legally in America should be able to go to the doctor without financial fear.

Some sort of really smart deal with hospitals across the country is intriguing. It seems he is bypassing the insurance companies and going to negotiate directly with hospitals. Negotiate about what? I guess the price paid for their service and product. This could be very exciting, the president of our country negotiating on behalf of the American public. Could this be the beginning of a properly structured single payer for American health care, a removal of the stranglehold that the private health insurance industry and federal/state governments have on Americans’ health care as well as the stranglehold that the poor have on the monies of those people who actually pay taxes and purchase health insurance?

Mr. Trump, where are you going on this health care thing? Are you going to continue the reality of the haves and have nots in the health care arena or are you going to create a system of health care in which everyone has clear and equal access to good health care i.e., to sound, ongoing, non-conflicted, spontaneously functioning doctorlogopatient relationships?

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD


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