Republican Presidential Candidates Wake Up About Health Care!!!

To all republican candidates for the presidency in 2016, you better wake up about health care for, if you do not, Hillary Clinton will win the election in a walk despite (or because of) the beseeching posture of extended hands and arms at the Benghazi testimony, what difference does it make? Somehow, Gruber’s stupid electorate will manage to easily glide over her savage flaws. She will touch on women’s issues and drown Cruz, Paul, Rubio and Walker in a deluge of feminine guile. She will distance herself from Obama and his health care policies by stating that Obamacare was only a start towards achieving the most noble and equanimous of health care systems, a tax payer funded single payer system. And somehow a majority of voters will be seduced and trapped by the web she weaves. She will easily describe the greed driven nature of health insurance companies, their past and current placement of individuals a distant second to their profit making, while republicans will stutter in explaining that health insurance is a good thing for all Americans. Health insurance is wonderful if you have enough money to pay for its greed. The vast majority of people living in America don’t. So again, republicans will lose the election the same way McCain and Romney lost, by not having a clue about what health care really is nor the sincerity to create a structure within which it can happen for everyone living in America in an affordable manner.

A few years ago, I visited a republican politician’s office and discussed my ideas with the support staff. Most patient and kind they were but then baffled me with their concluding remark, republicans have too many dues to pay to seriously consider new ideas. Subsequently, McCain lost, Romney lost, and now we are on to shatter resistant Hillary. The idea of a single payer is certainly not new nor is the well worn segue that single payer automatically leads to socialized medicine and its dreaded, far reaching consequences.

However what I believe is new or at least different thinking is that there HAS TO BE A WAY to construct a central payer system which can convincingly stymie this same payer from interfering with the spontaneous, non-conflicted functioning of the doctor patient relationship and convincingly achieve absolute and generous profit for necessary businesses involved in American health care without threatening the economic viability of individual people. I have described this thinking on this blog and in my books, all of which remain pretty much ignored.

Republicans, maybe all politicians, don’t seem to be able to reflect and figure out what truly would be in the  best interest of individual Americans regarding our health care system and then make that happen. Hillary owns the sophistry to make people believe that she possesses that ability and will use it for the good of all of us. She doesn’t and won’t, but that won’t matter because the republicans are way outmatched in this regard. Therefore, if they wish to win, republicans will actually have to think about, embrace, develop and explain to the electorate a PROPERLY STRUCTURED central payer system, which is funded by everyone living in America not just by the current taxpayers.


R. Garth Kirkwood, MD