Properly Construct a 3rd Party Payer (Central Payer) or Return to 1st Party Payer System

I have written extensively on this blog and in my books about a properly constructed central payer, one by which doctors and hospitals are fairly and generously reimbursed for services while concomitantly ensured that the non-conflicted, sound, ongoing and spontaneous functioning of the doctor patient relationship is not hampered. It’s quite clear that politicians and their federal operatives in Washington, DC are both incapable of achieving this and so insidious that to even begin to understand why this is necessary is beyond them. Two recent essays demonstrate their asininity: Please read them.

Thanks to Dr. Held for her courage!
It’s apparent that trying to work with the government, not just this current administration and Congress but the government in general over many decades of their blatant dysfunction, is an exercise in futility.
Thus it’s time for doctors to band together and simply end 3rd party payers role in health care. End both the private and public 3rd party payers.
How could this be possible? It could happen by all doctors simply refusing to accept any payments from 3rd party payers. Institute in their offices a 1st party payer system. The patient (the consumer to use government lingo) pays the bill for the intended surgery and/or office visit up front before the service is rendered.
This doesn’t mean that doctors refuse to see any patient. Doctors will see anybody that comes to their office to be seen. It’s just that these patients (i.e., now consumers to use the politically correct jargon) will have to pay the bill in advance. If they can’t afford it right then, then they can use their credit/debit cards like they do for every other plastic service and product in America. Then we would really have consumer driven health care, a favorite buzz word for our ever so attentive politicians.
I have recently heard that a representative in Congress referred to the doctor patient relationship as the doctor-patient contract. I’m so glad that this politician clarified the political stance on this equilibrium of trust between a doctor and patient. He has effectively removed the last vestige of longstanding, human altruism in our health care system. Well done politician!
Dr. Held has succinctly stated the way forward now for doctors:

Government-run medicine cannot be tolerated. I will not do it. I will not play this game. I will not lie. I will stand for the patient. I will stick my neck out. If all physicians will do this, we can stop the insanity, save the patient and save American medicine, the best in the history of the world. 

Kristin S. Held, M.D., is an ophthalmologist in San Antonio, Texas and director and co-founder of AmericanDoctors4Truth.

Let’s remove all 3rd party payers and reestablish sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctor patient relationships. It will surely require raw courage.


R. Garth Kirkwood, MD





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