The American Abscess

Image over substance,
Tech games over serious thought,
Clueless over informed,
Sunglassed shrugs the mainstream.
Obama’s minions control this culture,
This baby boomer-hippy spawn,
Government pawns.

Liberals are a puzzle,
Maybe they like burkas and hijabs.
So myopic they seem about sequelae
Of misdirected jabs.
But at least they stand for something,
And like conservatives have a point of view,
Unlike the significant swathe
Who exist without a clue.

Our government is an abscess,
Which has festered for many years.
Obama & Co., like others, have found this pool
Ideal for swimming and diving
Amid a raft of cheers.
Incision and drainage is required!
Are there any civil servants unwired
With knowledge and courage enough
To slice open this necrotic mire
And completely drain the pus?

Can surgery slice deep enough?
At bottom is the core,
Absent engagement from the gimme generation,
Which splashes clueless,
Bathing in the smoke and mirrors of politicians,
Who’ve promised them everything before.

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