Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Please read the following report from Michelle Malkin. http://michellemalkin.com/2013/05/22/the-obama-crony-in-charge-of-your-medical-records/

Thank You Michelle Malkin for continuing your wonderful work.

I have recommended in the past a centralized medical record keeping system to house and share everyone’s medical record. There are just no reasons other than dishonesty, corruption, greed, and ultimate control over the American people that this type of system cannot be set up properly for everyone’s benefit.

I see two benefits to creating this type of system:
1. If it functions properly, then any and every time a person goes to the doctor or to the hospital, the doctor can immediately pull up the up to date info on the patient: a) What have other doctors thought about your case? b) What lab tests or diagnostic studies have already been done to investigate your current problems? c) Is it time to repeat some of these studies or does the current information suffice? This type of info is vital.

2. This type of communication could serve as a billing and payment mechanism for doctors’ practices and for hospitals. The doctor submits a thorough report of that office visit, the hospital submits a thorough discharge summary, the surgeons or other doctors, who do procedures, submit thorough operative reports to this EMR system. These reports have two functions: a) to bring the patient’s medical record up to date; b) to function as a bill for the service provided. Until this report is submitted, no payment is generated. However, once the report is submitted, payment is immediately sent electronically to the appropriate bank account. Officials directing the operation of the EMR system would review reports from all sources on a frequent and spontaneous schedule for one reason: to determine that the report is complete, i.e., passes scrutiny for an operative definition of thoroughness or completeness. These people would likely have to be those with some medical training. However, the purpose of this type of review is not a judgment about whether the doctor was right or wrong, or whether a surgery was successful without complications, but rather an objective determination that the work, for which the bill was submitted, actually happened. THE PAYER CAN HAVE NO SAY OVER WORK QUALITY!!! THE PAYER ADMINISTERS PAYMENT OF THE BILL, THAT’S ALL THE PAYER DOES!!!. The payer is a CLERK working for the American people and administering payment, with the people’s money sent to them by the people, for the people’s health care bills.

From this, I suggest the following: If properly set up, i.e., absent all the garbage of the ObamaCare EMR system, which Michelle Malkin so clearly describes in her essay, the absolute beauty of a central payer for everyone and the huge costs savings to be achieved from that are obvious.

Once again, we come to a point of critical thinking: Our form of government is good; it’s the people working within our government that ruin it for all Americans. What are their motives? GREED and POWER come to mind. Until these are removed from the mindset of the people working within our government, i.e., until the people who have these motives as their reason for functioning as opposed to being true civil servants are unelected or discharged, I don’t see a solution for our problems.

And to the people who might read this essay and scoff I say: I am not naive, and your complacency with the staus quo, whether out of ignorance or laziness, is UNACCEPTABLE!!! My commentary doesn’t just apply to the current administration but to many past administrations. But regarding the current administration and ObamaCare, just why is it that with all those votes in the Senate, they didn’t create a central payer which could function in the above described manner for us?

Our government, which is paid for by the people, must function for the people and not for the interests of the politicians, federal operatives, and the entities which lobby (buy) them.

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

The American Abscess

Image over substance,
Tech games over serious thought,
Clueless over informed,
Sunglassed shrugs the mainstream.
Obama’s minions control this culture,
This baby boomer-hippy spawn,
Government pawns.

Liberals are a puzzle,
Maybe they like burkas and hijabs.
So myopic they seem about sequelae
Of misdirected jabs.
But at least they stand for something,
And like conservatives have a point of view,
Unlike the significant swathe
Who exist without a clue.

Our government is an abscess,
Which has festered for many years.
Obama & Co., like others, have found this pool
Ideal for swimming and diving
Amid a raft of cheers.
Incision and drainage is required!
Are there any civil servants unwired
With knowledge and courage enough
To slice open this necrotic mire
And completely drain the pus?

Can surgery slice deep enough?
At bottom is the core,
Absent engagement from the gimme generation,
Which splashes clueless,
Bathing in the smoke and mirrors of politicians,
Who’ve promised them everything before.