The Origin of Medicine

Nobody, not even hospital administrators; hospital board members; 3rd party payers; politicians; drug & technology company executives; or doctors, is at liberty to manipulate, obstruct, or interfere with the spontaneous, non-conflicted functioning of individual doctorpatient relationships and then claim patient welfare as their goal!

Sound, ongoing, non-conflicted, spontaneously functioning doctorpatient relationships are inseparable from the practice of medicine. Indeed, they are the origin and essence of it.

Healthcare administrators, politicians, and other functionaries in the business of medicine are qualified to make contact with individual doctorpatient relationships in exact proportion to their willingness to give up the dollar quest of their healthcare businesses: in proportion as their love of the essence of medicine, the source of and reason for their existence in this sphere, is above their rapacity.

These three statements are paraphrases of the three opening statements of Chapter 2, “The Origins of Liberty, Property and Justice” of F. A. Hayek’s book, The Fatal Conceit The Errors of Socialism. I substitute the doctorpatient relationship for several property.

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

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