New health care law helps expand primary care physician workforce

A press release from Take a look at Obamacare!

Made possible by the Affordable Care Act (the new health care law), the National Health Service Corps’ Students to Service Loan Repayment Program provides financial support to fourth year medical students who are committed to a career in primary care in exchange for their service in communities with limited access to care.

So noble Secretary Sebelius! Isn’t rhetoric just grand? Develop the primary care workforce so that the standard of medical care in the country will be to herd sick people into primary care holding pens, the exit gate to specialty care of course being controlled by the beholden primary care physician, who receives his/her salary from a payer (private or public) or a hospital/clinic. This is a disguised reinforcing of the Gatekeeper Concept in an effort to reduce 3rd party payer (private or public) healthcare spending. And it becomes direct interference with the non-conflicted functioning of the doctorpatient relationship. The wonders of Obamacare!

One other piece of garbage in this press release deserves comment. In the ninth paragraph, reference is made to the following: providing culturally competent primary care. What does culturally competent primary care mean? Why isn’t it just sound, ongoing medical care within the context of non-conflicted doctorpatient relationships? One reason is that in the latter case the payer (private or public) would not be in control. Another reason is that the promoters of Obamacare don’t want to lose that racially tinged rhetoric, culturally competent, which helps to ensure cultural voting blocs. It is so phony and condescending that it is disgusting! Another highlight from Washington, DC.

Isn’t it amazing how these politicians and their operatives in Washington, DC enter new vocabulary into our lexicon? They talk about the National Health Service Corps (NHSC). I didn’t know that we had a National Health Service Corps. Sounds very much like the British NHS doesn’t it?

DO NOT TRUST ANY POLITICIAN! Every time you meet one or see one at a town hall meeting or on some newscast make the following mental note: There is always some underlying agenda, which will benefit him/her or some group to which they are beholden, and that what they are saying is designed to serve that agenda in favor of serving the American people!

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

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