Rush Limbaugh On the Record with Greta; Mark Levin’s You Tube Video: Scare Words: “Single Payer,” “Government Control,” “Socialized Medicine”

Rush Limbaugh goes On the Record with Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren on 12/14/2011:

But if you had to single out one thing about Obama, it would be “Obamacare.” I mean, that sums up I think everything that’s disastrous, dangerous, destructive about Barack Obama. If that health care bill is not reformed, repealed, the country is going to change forever in ways that people cannot possibly imagine. It’s going to be a massive loss of individual liberty and freedom.

And once the government has control of health care and the costs involved, then they can dictate every aspect of the way you live based on saving money, whether or not you’re going to be treated based on your age, whether somebody thinks it’s worth it to save you if you have some sort of a bad disease. It’s just bad all the way around.

Rush is correct about this Obamacare, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It should be repealed!

Listen to the following You Tube Video: Mark Levin, a Neurosurgeon Calls In About Death Panels From Obamacare and HHS

It’s wonderful in the USA that we can access this type of information to further our education and understanding. Apparently under Obamacare, for those, who use the federal government as the payer of their medical bills, the government will be able to DIRECT and CONTROL the type and amount of medical care, which they receive. Obviously, this is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Now, the question is, What about it is wrong?

What’s wrong is that the PAYER, in this instance, the government, is directly interfering with clinical decision making, which absolutely must occur within the context of a sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationship. The third party payer, whether PUBLIC or PRIVATE, must not be allowed to interfere with clinical decision making. In the instance described in Mark Levin’s You Tube Video, the public payer, the government (via Obamacare), is planning to take over the practice of medicine. Surely, Obamacare needs to be repealed not only because of this but also because it is a plan designed to enlarge entitlement populations, which will increase the amount of money extracted from people, who pay federal taxes and who purchase their own private health insurance. People, who purchase their own private health insurance, will see their premiums and deductibles increase to pay for the COST-SHIFT of uninsured or underinsured patients’ expenses, in which hospitals and health insurance companies participate and cooperate. Not only should Obamacare be immediately repealed, but also, every politician who voted in favor of it should be VOTED OUT!

However, there is another question, Do private 3rd party payers, i.e., health insurance companies, attempt to interfere with clinical decision making? The answer is absolutely YES! How do they accomplish this interference? Read the following list:

1. Managed Care,
2. Cost-Effectiveness,
3. Evidenced-Based Medicine,
4. Shared Decision Making,
5. Medical Homes,
6. Financial Incentives for Patients and Doctors from Insurance Companies,
7. Increasing Deductibles and CoPays,
8. Gatekeeper Concept,
9. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Insurance,
10.Consumer Focused.

These terms and other subversive rhetoric are now a standard part of healthcare vocabulary. They are designed for one overall goal: To directly and/or indirectly interfere with the independent functioning of the doctorpatient relationship. WHY? Because clinical decision making within the context of this relationship is the proximate cause of dollar spending within our healthcare system. Those, who control the functioning of these relationships, control over 2 trillion dollars of the American peoples’ money on a yearly basis. How about that Big Dollar Pie?

So just how is it that BOTH public payers and private payers are allowed to interfere with the clinical decision making of the doctorpatient relationship? The POLITICIANS in conjunction with HEALTH CARE BUSINESS LEADERS have made it that way over, at least, the last 50 years. The politicians of both political parties have participated in the diving competitions at the dollar green swamp called Washington, DC.

What is the function of any 3rd party payer within our healthcare system? It is a simple clerical function: Administer payment of the bill. The words, single payer and multiple payer have NO HEALTH CARE MEANING, UNLESS these 3rd party payers are allowed to interfere with the sound, ongoing, non-conflicted functioning of the doctorpatient relationship.

The politicians can stop this interference from any payer. But they will not because they are greed driven and power driven. This is what needs to change. Vote out the scumbags who issue rhetoric designed to continue the political-medical dollar game.

There should absolutely exist in America a transparent, honest, central payer, to which anyone can subscribe at a price, which by commonsense reasoning coupled with truthful information is known to be fair and reasonable, if he/she feels it is better for them than subscribing to a private payer. In my experience, most doctors practice the same medicine regardless of who the payer is. If they do not, then perhaps they shouldn’t be in the profession. Regarding a central payer controlling cost (dollar amount paid for service and/or product), this is not difficult if honesty and fairness come to the fore. The knowledge exists to assign absolutely generous and fair payment amounts to doctors’ practices, hospitals, drug companies and all other healthcare businesses, while concomitantly stabilizing (possibly reducing) annual healthcare expenditure in the USA. Two provisos apply here:

1. Removal of Greed,
2. Recognition that  the most important goal of our healthcare system is clear and equal access to sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationships for everyone and that the dollar bill exists to support the accomplishment of this goal and not as a more important goal itself.

While we are correctly clamoring for the repeal of Obamacare, let’s not forget that what we will be left with is just as greed driven and power driven and that this is cleverly disguised by the rhetoric of the type of Capitalism that permeates America: The Unbridled Type.

Oh my God! Call me a Socialist! What would Hayek say?

I have developed a new definition for Socialized Medicine: It is not just government controlled medicine but rather 3rd party payer controlled medicine, regardless of which 3rd party payer is doing the controlling. Socialized medicine is the corruption of the non-conflicted clinical decision making of the doctorpatient relationship by any 3rd party payer in the position of being able to corrupt it.

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

The Trump Debate

First, I hope Mr. Trump forges ahead with the debate, despite the shortsightedness of the cantankerous, arrogant, wishy-washy candidates, who declined to participate.

Second, I hope he will hold the participants’ feet to the fire with the following questions regarding the American healthcare system:

1) What is the essence of medicine?

Answer: A sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationship.

2) Should the payer (private or public) be allowed to interfere with or influence the clinical decision making, which is accomplished by the two participants who form this relationship?
Answer: NO!

3) What is the sole function of any payer, public or private, in the American healthcare system?
Answer: To be a SIMPLE CLERK and administer the payment of the bill.

4) Why have private payers (health insurance companies) evolved into billion dollar corporations, when their sole function is that of a simple clerk?
Answer: GREED!

5) Why have public payers become so administratively complex?

6) A. Why did Obamacare fail to create one transparent, honest, accountable, easy-to-understand, central-single payer, which everyone could choose to use if it was better for them than sticking with private health insurance carriers?
Answer: I’m not sure. Clearly, the Democrats controlled the entire Congress at the time Obamacare was passed. Maybe enough Democrats were bought off by the private health insurance industry.

6) B. Doctors practice the same medicine, regardless of who the payer is, don’t they?
Answer: If they don’t, they should be removed from the medical profession!

7) What is the purpose of a deductible?
Answer: GREED! To enhance the profit of the company!
Comment: Deductibles are a monetary block to entering into and fulfilling the duties of a sound, ongoing, non-conflicted doctorpatient relationship. They conflict the relationship with dollars or, more precisely, the lack thereof.

8) A. What is the purpose of a high-deductible private health insurance plan with a health savings account?
Answer: GREED!
Comment: We discussed deductibles in the last question. Now, what about management fees for these health savings accounts? These great healthcare thinkers, Candidate Gingrich and Candidate Santorum, should be able to answer the following questions:

8) B. Since you have been a proponent of these health savings account plans with high deductibles, what would the total management fee be at $3 per month per account, if there were 50 million of these accounts in the USA?
Answer: 150 million dollars per month.

8) C. Exactly how does forcing 150 million dollars per month on the Americans, who purchase these high-deductible insurance plans with health savings accounts, benefit them or make their health care better?
Answer: It doesn’t.

8) D. So what is the true purpose of these high-deductible plans with health savings accounts?
Answer: GREED!

9) After you repeal Obamacare, which we all know is a ridiculous sham designed to redistribute wealth and expand entitlement populations thus creating favorable voting blocs, how do YOU intend to remove the greed from our healthcare system, so that the American people can access sound, ongoing, nonconflicted doctorpatient relationships at a price, which by commonsense reasoning, everyone knows is fair and reasonable?

Answer: You won’t! Because you are afraid to directly challenge corporate America in a way, which directly benefits the American people by removing the GREED while maintaining sensible, necessary corporate profit. You won’t! Because you are afraid to put a bridle on capitalism; you might be called a socialist. Oh my God, what would Hayek say?
Comment: To all people with common sense: Capitalism is a beautiful system, which, if you work hard, will greatly benefit you.
Unbridled Capitalism, GREED, is not a beautiful system. We all need to remove it from our thinking!

In the healthcare arena, it is clearly possible to remove the GREED. But it will take tremendous courage!
We can only hope that one of the Republican candidates possesses this courage.

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD
Doctor and Patient