Kindle Edition of Socialized Health Care Reform Is Now Available for Both US and UK

Dr. Kirkwood’s new book, Socialized Health Care Reform, describes how and why the American healthcare system is much more “socialized” than the general public understands or the government and healthcare corporate sector wish to admit. He believes the nexus between major healthcare businesses, including insurance carriers and hospitals, and political power creates conflicted functioning within individual doctorpatient relationships. This furthers the agenda of controlling healthcare spending at the expense of non-conflicted clinical decision making, while leaving business profit and political goals unscathed. This eye-opening account of how the American healthcare system operates yields a new definition for socialized medicine, which describes its effective meaning, as opposed to the standard, economic policy definition, which becomes burdened with concepts such as public versus private payers, socialized medicine versus social insurance, government-controlled etc. The reality of socialized medicine is manipulated, controlled doctorpatient relationships such that clinical decision making becomes conflicted by dollar management, regardless of the payer, private or public. This is used to satisfy a higher power’s agenda, generally greed, campaign finance, political ideology, or some combination thereof. In the USA, the business of medicine is privatized and the medicine of medicine is socialized. Dr. Kirkwood notes that true healthcare reform cannot occur until the doctorpatient relationship becomes free of external control from any payer and returns to its primary position as the essence of medicine, to be supported and served by the entire system.

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