Current Time: Tea Party, FreedomWorks, Dick Armey, Libertarians, and Socialized Medicine

It is not enough for you to say that you will repeal ObamaCare. Many agree that it’s a noxious legislation that needs to be undone.

But what will you replace it with? Mr. Armey, during your time in the Congress, what did you accomplish towards creating a healthcare system in America that works for everyone? The Tea Party and FreedomWorks, do you have a forward looking plan, which will provide clear and equal access to sound, ongoing, non-conflicted health care for everyone living in America; which will simultaneously decrease our national healthcare expenditure, end discimination in health care, and break the nexus between politicians and healthcare business corporations; which will place the medicine of medicine as a primary goal to be accomplished for everyone and the business of medicine as a secondary goal; and which will save our employers and individuals from going broke?

Your urgent calls for conservatives and libertarians to stop Socialized Medicine are a ruse. Medicine is socialized, when the functioning of the doctorpatient relationship is conflicted by a payer, generally thought of as government-run health care. I agree that the government shouldn’t be in that position. However, neither should the health insurance companies nor other puppeteers, empowered by the nexus of intertwined tendrils of greed, power, ideology, and re-election aspiration, which exists because of conflicted, compromised politicians in league with healthcare businesses.

It is time for libertarians to tear asunder this nexus. If you cannot accomplish that, then wonderful healthcare reform will not ensue and your newly elected Tea Party candidates will go the way of the politicians of the last several decades: Sucking off the government teat to satisfy their own needs and those of the businesses, which lobby them.

R. Garth Kirkwood, MD

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